Prospect Profile: Brian Gonzalez had strong debut season in O's system

When the Orioles finally made a draft pick last June, they selected a high school player with their top pick for the fifth time in six years. But unlike in some recent years, they didn't have one of the top picks in the draft. In fact, this time the Orioles' first selection came on Day Two and in the third round of the First-Year Player ... read more

Second offseason edition: 10 questions for O's fans

This is like a game show, just without any prizes, pretty models or a TV network. It is the latest edition of 10 question for O's fans, and it comes exactly one month after the first one. It is again time to survey Birdland. Answer one question, two, three or all 10. Provide a one or two-word answer or one that is longer. It is ... read more

One step closer to the bigs: Mike Wright gets added to the O's 40-man roster

Mike Wright's chances to help the Orioles in 2015 increased yesterday as the 24-year-old right-hander was added to the 40-man roster. Wright joined right-hander Tyler Wilson as 40-man additions Thursday and now neither pitcher can be taken by another team in the Rule 5 draft in December. "It is really awesome that the Orioles like me enough to protect me and I get to go ... read more

A look at the O's strong braintrust, plus Adam Jones finds a pie he actually wants to eat

The Orioles are the only team in baseball that can claim this distinction: The current executive and manager of the year reside in Baltimore. Dan will do it. In Buck we trust. What Buck Showalter started when he changed the culture with the Orioles franchise, Dan Duquette enhanced it and took a step further as he picked up the ball left behind by Andy MacPhail. ... read more

Comparing Miller and Robertson, and passing along props to Oliver Drake

During the 2014 season, Andrew Miller pitched better than David Robertson. Miller has the stats to prove it. He had a better ERA, more strikeouts per nine innings, fewer walks per nine innings, a better WHIP and beat Robertson in other statistical categories as well. So will Robertson get a better contract via free agency than Miller? Should he? Ken Rosenthal discussed that question on ... read more

A look at the Rule 5 draft and which players O's might add to 40-man roster

The Rule 5 draft is the last event of the Winter Meetings and will take place on Dec. 11. Any player selected in this draft must remain on the selecting team's 25-man roster for the entire 2015 season or be offered back to his original club. This is the draft where the Orioles got Ryan Flaherty three years ago and pitcher T.J. McFarland two years ... read more

Is a dominant bullpen back end essential or the new "flavor of the month"?

In sports, we see copycats all the time. A strategy that leads one team to a big season or championship is then copied by others in an attempt to repeat the success. The Kansas City Royals are a team that others may look to copy in 2015. If a team can build a bullpen as good, they can shorten the game to six innings. The ... read more

Hey, big spender: So the Marlins are about to spend $325 million?

Will Giancarlo Stanton become baseball's first $300 million player? That was certainly stunning news this week when reports of this megacontract surfaced. By the way, the team making the reported offer of a 13-year, $325 million deal, the Miami Marlins, once cast off players in a fire sale. This is coming from a Marlins team that had an opening day payroll of $50.5 million in ... read more