Storen bounces back in a big way (Rendon on Sporting News NL All-Star team)

Until last night, the Royals had been a perfect 8-0 in this year's postseason. They'd thrived largely because of their speed and dominant back end of their bullpen. So how do you beat them? Keep them off the bases, and don't let Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland play any type of factor in the ballgame. The Giants kept on rolling last night, thanks ... read more

Williams voted Sporting News NL Manager of the Year

The league-endorsed end-of-season awards, voted on by the members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America, won't be announced until November. Matt Williams could find himself taking home the National League Manager of the Year award at that time. For now, Williams will add another award to his mantle courtesy of the Sporting News, which announced that Williams was voted its NL Manager of the ... read more

Rendon's 2014 season a sign of things to come

It's easy to forget how young Anthony Rendon is, both in terms of age and how little big league experience he possesses. You watch Rendon play the game and you assume that he's an established veteran. He's immensely talented, never gets frazzled or visibly upset and seemingly keeps the same heart rate at all times, regardless of how intense a situation he's in. He appears ... read more

Fister's first season in D.C. a major success

This weekend just felt weird. After baseball being so much of a focus of my daily life for the past eight-plus months, to go an entire weekend without watching any baseball whatsoever was a bit bizarre. Luckily, we only have to go one more day before the World Series kicks off between the Giants and Royals in what should be an entertaining battle between two ... read more

Examining the free agent second base options

Asdrubal Cabrera has said that he would like to return to the Nationals and that he would even be willing to play second base if he does re-sign in D.C., despite the fact that he would prefer to play shortstop. The Nats, given the right circumstances and contract terms, would surely like Cabrera back, as well. He played well during his two months with the ... read more

Rotation likely to return intact

The Nationals have a busy offseason ahead of them on a number of fronts. They'll need to decide what they want to do with their starting second base job, assuming that Ryan Zimmerman moves across the diamond and becomes the everyday first baseman and Anthony Rendon remains at third. They'll need to add to their bullpen (which will almost certainly be without Rafael Soriano next ... read more

On Harper's finish to 2014

The National League Division Series obviously didn't go as the Nationals hoped. The team didn't perform as well as many, including those inside the clubhouse, expected it to. Many players didn't play to their ability levels. And they will openly admit as much. Despite the disappointment from a team perspective, there were a couple of positives from that series, however. And Bryce Harper was one ... read more

The recipe for postseason success

Like the Nationals, the Orioles are now done for 2014, heading home after a tremendous season and a sweep at the hands of the Royals in the American League Championship Series. It means that both local teams, despite tremendous 96-win regular seasons and division titles, saw their postseason run end in heartbreak. And in reality, that's the way it goes for 29 of the 30 ... read more